(Last Updated On: 28/10/2018)

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According to statistics, 65% of people having weight rebound and regained all the weight they have lost within 2 years after weight loss program. Are you one of them who suffers a lot from weight loss, having extreme diet and eventually regain your weight within few months after stop dieting? We understand that this is very disheartening as most of us have tried very hard in weight loss, some struggling to lose weight, some successfully lose weight but eventually having weight rebound within few months. Most people regained at least some of the body fat. Many regain 100% of what they’ve lost. Hell! Some people regain everything they lost and even MORE! Before you gave up for the rest of your life, let’s see what is causing us to have weight rebound.

Why Weight Rebound?

The main reason for weight rebound is calorie surplus. This is the fundamentals of weight management we cannot deny. However, they are many reasons causing a sudden hike in calories surplus.

1. Binge Eating After Extreme Diet

Many have tried losing weight through extreme diets such as salad diets, fruits diets or juice diets which is not sustainable at all. They are using their willpower to control and often they failed. Most of them lost a lot of weight during the diets program.

Problems arise when they stop dieting, they immediately go for binge eating on their favorite food where they have lost touch for many months. This indirectly created a calorie surplus as the food they consume is high in calories especially fast food and desserts.

2. Muscle Loss Causing Lower Metabolism Rate

One of the reasons many face weight rebound is due to muscle loss during extreme diets. You may not get an adequate amount of protein food source following extreme diets such as salad diets, fruits diets or juice diets. This eventually has high chances of losing a lot of muscles.

The weight they lost during extreme diets is mostly water weight and muscle weight. In the long run, the metabolic rate decreases significantly when they have lost muscle as body size decreased. Most people gain weight even though they consume the same amount of food before they start weight loss program. This is because it creates calories surplus indirectly due to the lower metabolic rate as a result of muscle loss.

3. New Metabolic Rate Level

Based on previous articles, our metabolic rate decreases due to survivor mode. Adaptive thermogenesis happens which basically slowing down of metabolic rate as our body is adapting to our calorie deficits during weight loss program to conserve energy. Furthermore, the weight we lost causing our BMI level to decrease which eventually lowers the metabolic rate. All this indirectly created calorie surplus even though we consume the same amount of food before our diets.


Weight rebound is mainly due to indirect calorie surplus as a result of going through extreme diets during weight loss journey.

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