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Many have face failure during their weight loss journey. Sometimes you feel like you’re are doing it right, been trying hard to slim down for weeks, months or even years but nothing’s happened. Some get weight rebound immediately after stop dieting. Before you really want to quit, you might want to check that are you making these common weight loss mistakes without knowing it.

5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes You Made Without Knowing it

1. Diet Too Strict

We tend to follow our friend’s diet plan whenever they successfully slimmed down. They often follow a very restrictive diet such as having salad diet, fruits diet, yogurt diet or soup diet. These are common diet plans that being practiced in Malaysia.

According to research, two-thirds of those who follow all these methods usually slimmed down as much as 3 to 5kg in the first month but immediately regain more weight than they lost within months after they stop dieting. The main reason for weight loss failure using these methods is because willpower is the main tool.


Often, they started off very determined. But after months of the weight being stagnant and they have lost the willpower. They stop dieting and immediately go for binge eating. With the craving they had during the weight loss journey, they tend to eat high-calorie delicious food when they stop dieting. This results in huge weight rebound.

2. Not Having Enough Protein

Having enough protein such as eggs, beef, chicken, and fish is extremely important for weight loss. Protein has been proven to help aid in weight loss in several ways. Protein can reduce appetite, increase the feelings of fullness, increase metabolic rate and also maintain muscle mass during weight loss.

Without enough protein during weight loss, the weight we lost would be mainly muscle mass. In the long run, our metabolism rate will be even lower as muscle mass tends to increase the metabolic rate. To optimize weight loss, make sure each meal contains a high protein food.

3. Not Eating Enough Fiber

Fiber is proven to aids in weight loss. Fiber is indigestible carbohydrates found in the foods. Studies show that fiber helps in reducing appetite by forming a gel that holds water which indirectly reducing the calorie intake. Having enough fiber also help in reducing cholesterol and also internal detoxification which will indirectly aid in the process of weight loss. To optimize weight loss, consume at least 30g of fiber from fruits, vegetables or fiber supplements such as Apple Lite.

4. Binge Eating Healthy Foods


Some healthy food such as avocados and almonds offer numerous of amazing health benefits. Some of this healthy food is also proven to help in weight loss. Due to this reason, many people have been binge eating all these foods.

However, calories are always calories. Some of these healthy foods contain high good fats which are high in calories. Many have consumed excessive of this healthy food in order to reap the benefits it offered. Due to this reason, their calories will be exceeded which at the end affected the weight loss progress. For example, 1 standard size of avocado contains 322 calories which are equivalent to almost 1 and a half bowl of rice due to its high-fat contents.

Many have over consumed these healthy foods which at the end causing excess calories being consumed which jeopardized the weight loss. Thus, eat all these healthy foods moderately to reap the amazing benefits and prevent excess calories.

5. Eating Too Little

Reducing calories is necessary to lose weight, but eating too few will actually affect your weight loss. Severe calorie restriction will lead to rapid weight loss in the first few months but weight rebound in the near future.

Our body is a very intelligent machine where it knows how to effectively regulate many processes to support homeostasis. Eating too few calories for a long period will cause your body to enter starvation mode causing your body to preserve energy to survive by slowing the number of calories being burn which will cause the decrease in metabolic rate.

The problem happens when we stop calorie restriction. Our weight immediately rebound even though our daily intake is back to the normal consumption due to the decrease in metabolic rate from the result of extreme calorie restriction. Besides, eating fewer than 800 calories a day can cause nausea, constipation, diarrhea and fatigues. It is not healthy for the long term.


Having a very strict diet, extreme calorie restriction, binge on healthy foods and not having enough protein or fibers will hinder you from weight loss progress.

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