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Hi. I’m Jeffrey. I’m going to share a little story about me before I move on. I will share with you how to lose weight fast in the later stage.

You see. I’m fat and chubby since young. Everybody would call me fatty.

I face discrimination in school since young. This is the reason I’m having low self-esteem.

But one day, I decided to change to have a BETTER me. And the rest is history.

But let me be honest with you.

My weight loss journey wasn’t smooth in the beginning.

I have go through twice weight loss journey.

Let me story you.


First Failed Weight Loss Journey

I tried to lose weight at the age of 18. That time I was 85kg.

I manage to lose 8kg but immediately having weight rebound after I stop dieting.

I feel so disappointed as I tried very hard but yet my weight rebounded.

You can see from the transformation picture, I lost weight and my waist is smaller.

But I wasn’t looks good. I lost a lot of muscle as well. My body is slim but flabby. And I look pale. I don’t feel healthy too.


What I did?

  • I avoid eating carbohydrates such as rice and bread.
  • I eat only oats for breakfast, apples for lunch and salad for dinner. 
  • I go for jog every day for 1 hour.

What happen to me?

  • I lost 8kg within first 2 months.
  • My weight stop reducing after 3 months even I reduce my apples and exercise more 
  • My weight immediately rebounded 10kg within 3 months after I stop dieting

How I feel during the weight loss journey?

  • Everyday I’m craving for food
  • Suffer as I’m using willpower to stop the craving everyday
  • Feeling tired and sick. Looks pale
  • Feeling emotional.

Second Successful Weight Loss Journey

Since the first bad experience on weight loss journey. I felt so helpless and hopeless.

But I was lucky to meet my mentor. He taught me the proper and healthy way to lose weight fast without any weight rebound.

The picture on left is after I’ve rebounded. I have regain more weight compare to before I started diet the first time.

After the successful transformation, I looks great and having a nice body shape. My body is no longer flabby.

Also I feel healthy and great. My face is vibrant instead of looking pale.


What I did?

  • I follow the 70 20 10 Rules. 70% Nutrition, 20% Exercise, 10% Supplements.
  • Get to have cheat day. Can enjoy any of my favourite food including desserts.
  • I did only 15 minutes of HIIT exercise for each session. 4 times a week.

What happen to me?

  • I lost total of 15kg over 4 months. Transform from 85kg to 70kg. Drop my shirt size from L size to S size.
  • My weight never rebound ever since. I manage to have my weight around 70 to 73kg for years since I lost.

How I feel during the weight loss journey?

  • I feel full every day. Not starving and craving for food.
  • Feeling strong and energized. Looks healthy with vibrant skin.
  • Feeling great and awesome. Having confidence.


I been through it and I totally understand how struggle it is to lose weight.

How disappoint it is to have your weight rebounded.

So let me ask you something.

Are you facing these problems?

Eat little but can't lose weight?

Are you eating only salads, apples, or yogurt every day but still doesn’t seems to lose weight?

Every day feeling hungry and craving for food. Trying hard not to think and look at the food you like.

Exercise hard but don't lose weight?

Even though busy in work, you still trying hard to squeeze out time to exercise every day.

Jogging on the treadmill for hours but your tummy is still big? And you are feeling tired every day?

Weight rebound when stop dieting?

Manage to lose 3 to 6kg within 2 months. But when you stop dieting, your weight immediately increase more than what you have lose.

I totally understand you, it feels so disappointing. Trying so hard but it rebonded and is worse.


If you are facing these problems, let me share with you the 70 20 10 method. How I lose 5kg in 14 days and having no weight rebound using this method.


What is 70 20 10 method to lose weight fast?


70% Nutrition to Lose Weight Fast

Eating the right food in calorie deficits is 70% factor for you to lose weight successfully. So no matter how hard you exercise, you won’t be able to lose weight if you don’t eat right.

Let me simplified for you.

5 nutrition principles of weight loss.

  • Having a CALORIE DEFICITS state.

    Calorie deficits is where you burn more calories than you eat.

    This will force your body to burn your body fats which eventually help you lose weight. In short, you eat less calories.

  • Consume HIGH PROTEIN food such as eggs, chicken, fish and lean meat.

    Protein is proven to help you stay full and helps you burn more calories.

  • Consume GOOD FATS such as avocado, olive oil and nuts.

    Good fats is proven to reduce your appetites, cravings and also help reduce your belly size.

  • Consume FEWER complex CARBOHYDRATES such as oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

    You should NOT AVOID carbs as carbs improve your overall exercise performance and improve your mood.

  • Have a CHEAT DAY after every 4 days of eating less in calorie deficits states.

    You can have anything you enjoy and as much as you want on this cheat day.

    Cheat day is proven to reset your metabolism and also fat burning hormone. This can ensure your weight loss never get stuck.


20% Exercise Lose Weight Fast

Would you want to exercise for ONLY 15 minutes a day?

And you can burn calories for up to 48 hours? Even when you’re sleeping.

Isn’t it amazing? Do you want it?

Okay. Let me share you this secret.

The answer to burn calories for 48 hours is HIIT. High intensity interval training.

So what is HIIT?

HIIT is a training which you give ALL OUT with 100% effort through a quick and intense exercise. Followed by a short recovery periods.

Is HIIT suitable for you? Answer this questions:

  1. Are you a busy person in work?
  2. You only have limited time a day?
  3. You prefer to stay at home after work?
  4. You do not think you can commit to the gym membership fees?

If your answer is YES for all the questions. Then HIIT is perfectly suitable for you.

Benefits of HIIT

  • Burn calories up to 48 hours.


    This means that you can burn calories even you’re sleeping.

  • You only need 15 minutes a day.


    This is perfect for you who are busy at work and have limited time a day.

  • You can workout from home.


    This is perfect for you if you prefer to stay at home after work and having limited budget to pay for expensive gym membership.

  • It improves your heart.


    This can reduce your high blood pressure and reduce risk of having heart disease.

  • It help you gain muscles.


    This will increase your metabolism rate. Most important, it help you looks great and pretty.


10% Supplements to Lose Weight Fast


So you have go through the nutrition part and exercise part. Let me share with you the final 10% – supplements.

But before that, I want you to know that supplements are NOT MAGIC PILL.

Supplements cannot make up for a poor diet and workout program. A proper diet and workout program is a MUST. That is why they made up of the 90% of your weight loss journey.

You might be asking…

Then why should I need supplements?

Let me tell you why…

3 Reasons Why You Need Supplements

  • It’s easy to achieve your daily requirements.

    To achieve optimal health and fat los progress, you are required to consume sufficient enough of nutrients.

    For example you need to have 30g of fibers daily. Do you know that you need to eat 8 apples to achieve 30g of fibers. And eating this 8 apples is around 1500 calories which will make you fat.

    Eating supplements can help you achieve sufficient nutrients without extra calories intake.

  • It’s easy to absorb.


    With current technology, the body can digest and absorb the nutrients easily and faster which ensure your health in optimal condition.

  • It’s easy to consume.


    With technology advancement, supplements are now packed with essential nutrients in just few tables or sachets. Supplements are convenient to carry around as well.


Now you know why you need supplements.

So what’s the right supplements for weight loss?

Benefits of FIBER supplements for you to lose weight fast


  • Fiber helps you stay full and reduce your hunger.

    Fiber provides bulk within your stomach, which increases how physically full your stomach is.

    This is why eating high fiber foods such as oats and vegetables will often make you feel full.


  • Fiber helps slow down digestion and control blood sugar levels.

    When you eat simple carbs which high in sugar such as doughnuts, your blood sugar levels will then spike.

    Your body system will quickly release hormone insulin, causing your blood sugar to drop quickly. This crash would make you feel sluggish and hungry.

    When you hungry, you tend to eat more foods which causes weight gain.

    Do you remember the last time you drank coke or ate doughnuts? Do you feel even hungrier after a while?


  • Fiber helps reduce risk of having big belly.

    Fiber helps feed the good bacteria in your intestine. Research proven that people with high gut bacteria have a lower risk of getting big belly.

So that’s all.

This is how the 70 20 10 rules can help you lose weight fast in 14 days without weight rebound.

So now you know the WHAT and WHY?

But HOW??

Let me share with you the HOW now.

Let me introduce you to Apple Lite.

Apple Lite is a supplements packs with 10g of fiber each sachets.

Let’s hear what they say about Apple Lite.

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