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The main fundamentals of weight loss are to achieve calorie deficits through macronutrient planning and effective exercise to create less input and more output on calorie. However, specific vitamins and nutrients can enhance the fat burning progress. This is where weight loss supplements play a role in optimizing your fat burning progress.

Many of us always looking for a miracle pill in the market to lose weight fast. However, supplements only contribute to a 10% in weight loss. The fundamentals of weight loss must be done right in order for supplements to enhance the progress. In another word, fat loss will fail no matter how much and how expensive the supplements you consume if never achieve calorie deficits.

What is the advantage of having supplements?

1. It’s easy to consume

With technology advancement, supplements now are packed with essential micronutrients and easily consumed. Many scientists have created supplements which taste well. Some of the supplements are being packed into the smaller pack so that it is convenient to carry around.

2. It’s easy to absorb

Technology advancement such as nanotechnology has enabled better absorption supplements. This can enhance the absorption of the nutrients into our body through bloodstream.


3. It’s easy to achieve daily requirements

The whole food nowadays is getting less micronutrient due to our polluted environment and depletion of soil and water. To achieve daily micronutrient requirements for health purpose, we are required to consume a lot more whole food compare to 10 years ago which eventually increase the calorie intake. Just, for example, having a sachet of Apple Lite consist of about 10g of fiber which equals to 3 Apples. Thus, attaining the daily micronutrient requirements is easy with supplements.

What are the effective supplements for weight loss?

1. Caffeine


Caffeine can be easily found in coffee or tea and supplements. Many had got confused whether drinking coffee is healthy or unhealthy. According to Institute for Coffee Studies at Vanderbilt University, coffee is beneficial to everyone. Generally, only a certain group of people such as pregnant or having sleeping disorder should reduce the coffee consumption.

Research shows that caffeine stimulates the nervous system which enhances the fat metabolism to break down fat. It does this by increasing the hormone epinephrine. Hence, by raising blood levels of epinephrine, caffeine promotes the release of fatty acids from fat tissue.

2. Fish oil

Omega 3 fish oil is known for numerous health benefits such as better heart, better brain reduce the risk of depression and better skin health. Fish oil is also known as one of the important supplements in weight loss.

There are few ways that fish oil could help on weight loss. In one study, young adults who took 3 gram of fish oil per day for 12 weeks have their metabolic rate increases for 5.3%. Research has shown that increases in metabolic rates also observed an increase in lean muscle mass. Thus, higher metabolism rate can help you burn more calories each day.

Fish oil is also effective in reducing hunger and appetite in healthy people. In one study, a group of people who consume a high dose of omega 3 fish oil reported feeling significantly fuller after 2 hours a meal. This can prevent us from craving for junk food or snacks in between which increase the unnecessary calories.

3. Fiber supplements

Fiber is a carbohydrate found in plant-based foods. Fiber can be divided into soluble and insoluble. In the body, soluble fiber dissolves and helps make a gel-like substance which helps reduce your bad LDL cholesterol. Whereas, insoluble fiber absorbs water and add bulks to your stool and goes through the digestive system for detox. Research has shown that people with high fiber intake achieve faster weight loss and weight maintenance in the long run.

A study has shown that fiber creates the feeling of satiety for a long period which prevents us from overeating. This can help us prevent in between snacks which increase the unnecessary extra calories. Besides, fiber is known to enhance the growth of friendly bacteria in our guts. This good bacteria helps reduce inflammation which is a key driver of obesity and many diseases such as cancer. Thus, having a healthy gut can prevent us from fatal diseases.

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Supplements are important to enhance weight loss progress provided that the fundamentals of weight loss are done right. Caffeine, fish oil and fiber supplements are proven to help with weight loss.

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