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In your mind, “Fats” is the biggest enemy when come to lose weight. For years, decades even, many trying to avoid fats to lose weight. To some extent, some of the celebrities even rinse their food in water to remove the fats or oil before consuming it. This is the biggest misconception on weight loss, this would even jeopardize our health in the long run.

Consuming healthy fats is proven to help us lose weight rapidly if it is done right. We know that as long as we follow the fundamental of weight loss – calorie deficits and having the right balance of macronutrient, we will be able to lose weight fast and healthy.

What is Fats?

Fats is one of the macronutrients which is essential for our health. It has the highest calories of 9 kJ per gram of fats. Fats are divided into unsaturated fats, saturated fats, and trans fats.

Benefits of Healthy Fats (Unsaturated Fats)

1. Enhance Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Having unsaturated fats from the food source such as olive oil, fish oil and avocados increase the release of adiponectin hormone. Adiponectin is proven to increase the fat metabolism which will increase the rate of fat burning. Studies also have shown that healthy fats affect how the fat composition in our body. Consuming healthy unsaturated fats would lead us to have more gain in lean body mass and less body fat as compared to consuming saturated and trans fats.

Consuming more fats while reducing carbohydrates in your nutrition plan also lead to an overall decrease in insulin levels. This allows our body to be more ready access to fats in our body for fuel sources instead of carbohydrates which enhance fat burning.

The hormonal and metabolic benefits of fats are great in fat loss, but one of the best benefits is the satiating effect of fats on our body. Consuming unsaturated fats sets off a cascade of signals which includes the release of hormones such as CCK and PYY. These two hormones play a major role in appetite regulation and satiety which keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Besides, consuming fats over carbohydrates prevent the blood sugar spike and fluctuation which will keep us more satiety throughout the day. This can prevent us from snacking in between meals which adds up to unnecessary calories.

2. Healthy Cholesterol Level & Better Heart

Cholesterol is both good and bad. At normal levels, it is essential for the body to perform in optimal level such as to digest food, produce hormones and generate vitamin D. However, if concentrations in the blood get high, it will lead to heart disease.

Cholesterol is divided into low-density lipoproteins (LDL) which is the bad cholesterol and high-density lipoproteins (HDL) which is the good cholesterol.

Research shown that consuming unsaturated fats decrease the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol which will prevent the heart disease and stroke. This means that we would have a healthier heart.

3. Healthy Hormones Level

A healthy and right balance of unsaturated fats consumption is important for hormone regulations as well. Hormones have many roles in the body. Hormones are chemical messengers that are made in one organ and travel through the blood and body fluids to organs and tissues to modify and control functions. Consuming unsaturated fats ensure our hormones at a healthy and optimal level for better performance of our body.

Fats are also important for reproductive health. For women, not eating enough fat causes infertility while having high trans fats increases the complications of PMS and menopause. For men, lack of good saturated fats reduces the testosterone that is important for reproductive health.

Types of Fats

Trans Fats

Trans fats are usually found in those industrials processed foods. Companies usually add hydrogen into vegetable oils to make them solid at the room temperature which is what we call hydrogenated oils. This process is mainly to help the food last longer and also gives the food a satisfying taste and texture. You may find trans fats in fries, cakes, cookies, crackers, donuts, biscuits, margarine and frozen pizza.

Trans fats might taste good but it raises the bad LDL cholesterol level which increases the chance of having heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Thus, it is recommended to avoid taking trans fat in all manner.

Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are usually solid at the room temperature. Saturated fats are usually found in fatty red meat and poultry, butter, palm and coconut oils. Saturated fats will only be considered unhealthy if taken excessively as it might raise the LDL cholesterol level. However, having moderate consumption of saturated fats with an active lifestyle is completely fine.

Unsaturated Fats

Unsaturated fats mainly come from vegetables, nuts, and fish. They are liquid at room temperature. It is strongly recommended to consume unsaturated fats as it raises the good HDL cholesterol and reduces the bad LDL cholesterol. Thus, it is benefits for your heart and body.

However, bear in mind that fats consist of highest calories as compare to carbohydrates and protein. Thus, eat in the balance portion to avoid excess calories which lead to weight gain.

How Much Fat Should I Consume?

We recommend taking 15 to 25% of fats based on your calorie intake. We suggest a minimum of 1 whole egg a day and a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil. It would be better if you can consume Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement.

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Consuming healthy unsaturated fats is proven to enhance fat loss, having healthy cholesterol level and heart, having optimal hormone level, better brain function and less risk of depression. Consume healthy unsaturated fats in a right portion to ensure optimal health of your body.

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