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Do you want to earn extra income without doing much?

Imagine what you can do by becoming our partner to earn extra passive income. With the extra RM 3,000 to RM 5,000 monthly,

  • You can buy nice clothes and looks great!
  • You can buy your friends and family a good dinner to spend a great time with them.
  • You can travel with your loved one every year.
  • You can afford a better car. Having a nice and comfortable car to drive around your family.
  • You can even afford to buy a house. Staying in a nice and cozy house that belongs to you.
  • You can have a much BETTER LIFESTYLE that you and your family deserve it.
  • Most important! You are helping in creating a healthier and better world. By sharing our supplements, there will be more people getting slim, prettier and healthier.

Is simple! All you need to do is just share our website link and see your bank account grows.

We will do the rest for you. We help you to pack, ship and do the marketing.

3 Simple Steps For Extra Income!

1. Register

Fill up the Grindz Dropship Program forms to register.

2. Share

Share the dropship links through social media, your website or through WhatsApp.

3. Get Paid

Make profits when your referrals purchase within 180 days after clicking the dropship link.


What is Grindz Dropship?

Grindz Multilevel Dropship Payout Rate

6 Layers Commission Structure

All you need to do is to promote customer to Grindz through social media.

To earn more, you can refer your friends to join us as dropshipper under your line. You can get extra commissions from their successful referrals.

Grindz will handle the rest of the process, including payment, delivery and customer service.

Let’s assume:

1. 3 friends joined as dropsshiper

2. Everyone has 100 Facebook friends seen the link you share

3. 3% of the Facebook friends purchase 30 Days Apple Lite from us

Why You Must Join Grindz Dropship!

Unlimited Earnings

We do not limit your earnings – you can earn as much as you can.

No Stock Keeping

Do not need to keep stocks for sales. Stocks are kept in Grindz warehouse safely.

Lifetime Commission

Receive commission on all future purchases by the same referrals

No Shipping Involve

We will ship directly to your referrals from our warehouse.

Quick Payout Time

Monthly Payout! Receive your commissions at beginning of each month!

Good Branding

Grindz is having a strong presence in Malaysia supplements industry. We have a strong marketing team to enable you to get sales easily.

How to Register?

Why You Must Join Grindz Dropship!


About Grindz Dropship Program
What is Dropshipping?
Grindz dropshipping allow our customers to sell as few or as many of our products as you wish without the need of carrying stock and having the hassle of shipping. 3 simple steps – Share, Get Sales, Get Paid.
How it works?
When you promote our products by sharing the dropship link in social media where you generated in dropship dashboard that looks like this:

When a customer clicks this link and lands on our website, your dropship ID is stored in a cookie for 180 days within the customer’s browser.

If the customer makes a purchase within 180 days, you will be entitled to commission on the sales.

What shall I do?
You only focus on selling the products by sharing the dropship link on social media. Grindz team will handle the packing, delivery, customer service, and marketing.

  1. Generate the link in our dropship dashboard as below:Dropship Malaysia Generate URL
  2. Share it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or your blogs.
  3. Your referrals (customers) will directly purchase from our website.
  4. Each successful customer will grant you commissions.

You can earn extra commissions by inviting your friends to join the dropshipping program under your line.

Do I need to buy the products before I sell them?
NO. You do not have to worry about warehousing the products, packaging, and shipping. All is taken care of you so you can focus on just sharing on social media and getting your friends to join dropship program under you.
Who can participate?
We only accept our customer to join Grindz dropship program. This is to ensure that our dropshipper able to share their love to the right one as they have personally experienced our supplements.
What does it cost to participate?
Zero! We don’t charge any fees, but we only allowed our customers to join the program as mentioned above.
How do I join Grindz Dropship Program?
  1. Register by clicking the “Earn Now!” button
  2. Fill in the forms and click “Register”
    • Name: Your name will be displayed in Network chart
    • Username: To Log in into Dropship Dashboard. Dropship link will be generated based on your Username.
    • Bank Details: For us to pay your commission monthly by online bank transfer.
  3. Get approve and ready to earn passive income!

Dropship Malaysia Register

Multilevel Dropship
What is multi-level dropship?
We are proud to say that we are the first in Malaysia to have a “Multi-level Dropship”

Multi-level dropship is where you can earn extra commission by getting friends to join you as your downline to be our dropshipper.

Whenever they share the dropship links and generate sales. You will be entitled extra commissions on the sales they made.

Our multi-level structure is built based on a “Unilevel System” where anyone can look for as many downlines as they want to with commission paid up to 6 levels. Please refer to commission section for the payout rate.


How does the multi-level linking works?
The multi-level process is 100% automatic. The newly registered dropshippers will be automatically linked under the referrers.
Can I manually set my sponsors?
If you would like to specify your friends as your sponsor. Please email the following details to [email protected] 

  • Sponsor’s Email
  • Sponsor’s Username
  • Your Email
  • Your Username

Our Grindz dropship team will manually set your friend to be your sponsor above you.

How much will I make?
Well, are you ready for all your dreams to come true? The sky’s the limit – we have no limit on your commission potential! Grindz payout rate based on product price is as below:

Level 1: 15% (Referrals who purchase from your dropship links)
Level 2: 5% (Referrals who purchase from your downline dropship link)
Level 3: 3%
Level 4: 3%
Level 5: 2%
Level 6: 2%


When will I get paid?
Grindz pays our generous commissions monthly on every beginning of the month.


How will I get paid?

All payments are made via Bank Transfer.

Payments will be made to you at beginning of each month.

Please email to [email protected] or WhatsApp +6011 1111 3888 the following details to get approved on your dropship application:

Registered account email:
Name as per NRIC:
IC No:
Contact number:
Bank Name:
Bank Account No:

How do I know I have successfully made a sales?
Please log in to “My Dropship” dashboard and choose the Referrals Tab to check for the sales history. Notifications will also be sent via email on each successful sales you made.
Is there a minimum sales maintenance for commission?
No. There are no minimum sales required to get the commission.
Dropship Dashboard
How to use "Affiliate URLs" Tab?
Dropship Malaysia Generate URL

Steps to generate dropship URLs:

  1. Copy & Paste any link in our website you would like to share in “Page URL”
  2. Click “Generate URL”
  3. Copy & Share your dropship URL with cookies embedded from “Referral URL” to your social media eg: Facebook, Instagram, Blog
  4. Or you can click the “Share” button to share in Facebook directly
How to use "Multilevel Earnings & Network Chart" Tab?
Dropship Malaysia Multilevel

Dropship Malaysia Generate Multilevel Chart



Understanding the table:

  1. Your Commission Rates: There are 6 levels of commission structure. Here is the commission payout percentage you would get from your downline when they successfully get a sales.
  2. Your Earnings: Here is where your commission being displayed either “Paid” or “Unpaid”
  3. Your Network Statistics: Here display information on the number of downline you have on respective levels and the commission they made either “Paid” or “Unpaid”
  4. Your Network Chart: Here Display your downline in a chart. The commission displayed is “Paid” earnings.
How to use "Referrals" Tab?
Dropship Malaysia Transaction

Understanding “Referrals” Tab:

  1. Reference: The “Level” shows the commission you generated from the which level of your downline
  2. Amount: The commission you generated for that sales
  3. Description: Product which is sold
  4. Status: Commision is either “Paid” or “Unpaid
  5. Date: Sales transaction date
How to use "Payouts" Tab?
Dropship Malaysia Commission

Understanding “Payouts” Tab:

  1. Date: The date we pay you the commission. Please allow few days for the commission to be cleared by banks.
  2. Amount: Total amount we pay you
Can I sell on Lazada/Shopee/Lelong/11 street?
No. Our products are sold exclusively only on our website and selected pharmacies.
I have a different question.

We’re always here to help! Shoot us a note at [email protected] or WhatsApp us on +6011 1111 3888 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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