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Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner. It is a season that filled with joyous moment by visiting family and friends. But with visiting always comes with many delicious high-calorie foods being offered to you. You are not alone if you are worried that you would gain weight and fat after CNY. Don’t worry, brace yourself and enjoy CNY with these 5 tips to avoid getting fat in this festive.

5 Tips to Enjoy CNY Without Getting Fat

1. Choose High Protein Food over Carbohydrates

There’re plenty of protein foods on the table during our CNY dinner. Examples of high protein food during our CNY dinner are fish, prawn, chicken, duck, and pork. Choose the lean meat and limit the intake of the fats part.

Here are the 3 reasons why eating high protein foods does not cause you fat:

Protein reduces appetite and makes avoid high calories snacks.

Protein can reduce hunger and appetite in many ways which lead to the reduction in calorie intake. Lean protein food is usually low in calorie but highly satiating. For example, 1 palm size of the lean chicken breast only consists of around 165 calories. An average human could only consume 2 palm size of protein per meal together with vegetables and they will feel extremely full.

Consumption of high protein foods also reduces the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin that it is supposed to tell the brain that we are hungry. Our weight is actively being regulated by our brain area called hypothalamus. In order for our brain to determine whether we are hungry or full, our brain affects the hormone function to regulate it. By eating high protein foods, our body system reduces the hunger hormone and boost several satiety hormones.

Digesting Protein Burns calories

After our meal, some of our calories are being used as energy for the purpose of digesting the food. This is often called the Thermic Effect of food. Protein food consists highest thermic effect of food which is about 20-30% of the calories. This means that consuming 100 calories of protein food ended up only 70-80 of usable calories.

Protein Increases The Metabolism Rate

Having high protein foods help us prevent our muscle loss during our daily lives. Losing muscle is a side effect of losing weight that most people try to avoid it. Research shows that having more muscle mass keeps our metabolic rate high which results in burning more calories per day.

Bottom Line:

Eat around 1 to 2 palm size portion of protein food per meal to feel satiety and to reduce craving over junk food. Limit to 1 bowl of rice per meal. Eat a lot of vegetables. It will take up around 500 – 600 calories per meal.

2. Choose Your CNY Snack Wisely

CNY Snacks is something we definitely should not miss out as we only eat all this once a year. It became part of our tradition during CNY. But BEWARE! CNY snacks are often the main reason that causes us to be fat as the calories are quite high but it is not satiety. We tend to overeat for those that are very delicious.

These are the calories of the snacks we always eat.

Bottom Line:

Enjoy all these snacks but don’t go overboard to prevent excess calories being taken. Take a maximum of 1 to 2 serving of CNY snacks per day which will take up around 400-500 calories.

3. Limit to Two Sweet Drink per Day

Yeo’s drink is the first thing that pops in our mind whenever we think of drinks in CNY. We usually get to drink the sweet drinks whenever we visit the house as a courtesy to serve the guest. All these empty calories sweet drinks causes us to get fat without even knowing it. We tend to drink without knowing how much calories it has. If possible, limit to one serving of sweet drink a day to prevent excess calories that causing us to be fat.

Bottom Line:

Choose a lower calorie drink such as Yeo’s less sweet drink or 100 Plus. Limit yourself to 2 can/packet of sweet drinks per day which will take up to around 150 to 300 calories.

4. Choose Your Alcohol Wisely

Drinking alcohol is already been part of fun activities during CNY. CNY could only be merrier and fun with alcohol around us. A lot of us has been worried about drinking too much alcohol and causing us fat.

Here are few tips on how to drink alcohol without worried about getting fat.

  • Choose alcohol with low calories but higher alcoholic content to get FUN without getting fat!
  • Avoid beer as it is high in calories. An average person can drink up to 3 pints to feel tipsy which having total up to 609 calories which are equivalent to 3 bowls of rice. Some could even drink more than 3 pints.
  • Drink either wine or hard liquor such as whiskey. An average person can drink up to 3 glasses of wine which having total up to 324 calories or 4 shots of whiskey that equivalent to 256 calories to get quite drunk. It is half the calories as compare to beer to get FUN!
  • Avoid mixing hard liquor with a sweet mixer such as coke or sprite. Mix with ice or water when drinking to avoid any excess calories from sweet drinks.
  • Avoid taking food after drinking as the alcohol slows down the digestion of food which indirectly causing us fat.

By taking on hard liquor without the sweet mixer, probably you feel like puking after a few glass of it. So highly likely that you would not overconsumption of calories. Just a side joke, you can even reduce calories by drinking a lot of alcohol as you get to vomit all the food you took in.

Bottom Line:

Drink hard liquor such as whiskey without sweet drinks as a mixer. It will take around 200 – 300 calories for you to get tipsy and FUN!

5. Detox and Flush Out Your Sinful Meal

Lost control in CNY and been enjoying lots of sinful good food? Make your digestive system healthy by going through the detoxification process to flush off all the toxins and get your stomach flat. Take our Apple Lite every night before sleep and flush off the next morning.


In general, a non-active woman can consume around 1,700 – 1,900 calories a day while a non-active man can consume 2200 – 2400 calories a day without getting worried about getting fat. Based on above guidelines, you probably are eating around 2000 calories per day. With such intake of calories, you can still enjoy yourself in CNY without worry of getting fat.

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